Preferred Turf is a family-owned and operated enterprise providing Sydney with an outstanding range of synthetic grass, sports turf, and adhesives. Proudly supplying residential, commercial and sporting projects across New South Wales with our expansive collection of synthetic grass and landscaping products for over 17 years, we have established an excellent reputation for our quality projects and our unrivalled level of customer satisfaction.

At Preferred Turf, our projects are based upon always ensuring the customers’ requirements are fulfilled beyond their expectations. We strive to build and maintain positive customer relationships, where we can be trusted to consistently uphold our “preferred” supplier status.

Our company believes that the customer’s envisaged project is entirely our responsibility – from concept to completion. Past projects have included the removal of trees, installation of playground equipment, concrete and shade sail installation, justifying again how Preferred Turf places the satisfaction of the customer at the forefront of all responsibilities.

In addition to artificial turf services, we also provide rubber wet pour installation for homes, commercial properties, childcare centres and sporting facilities. Rubber wet pour creates a surface that immediately reduces the risk of injury, becoming a safe, buoyant playing area, especially for children. This makes this surface incredibly popular amongst schools and childcare centres.

Preferred Turf is a CM3 and BNG Conserve-accredited enterprise.

A Team of Highly Experienced, Professional Installers On-Hand

Preferred Turf has over 5 teams of highly trained, skilled and experienced synthetic grass installers. With combined decades of experience and our dedication to producing a premium finish on each project we deliver, the Preferred Turf name is one that is consistently associated with quality.

Our products are rigorously trialled and tested to ensure their durability. We source our synthetic grass from reputable suppliers stocking FIFA accredited products, so our customers can have the peace of mind that the product being received is of an incredibly high standard.

What’s more, as an ethically-driven company, we are dedicated to constantly developing our product in line with increasing consumer expectations and standards, as well as advanced technology. This is all attributed to our desire to ensure the best service is delivered on each and every project we deliver. The quality of your turf is important to us, and we want to ensure that you are completely satisfied at the completion of every project.  

Distributing Synthetic Grass to Landscapers, Onsellers

Preferred Turf distributes synthetic grass products to landscapers and onsellers throughout Sydney. Our reputation for efficient delivery and competitive bulk pricing makes us one of Sydney’s most popular choices for synthetic grass onselling.

Furthermore, the quality of our product will ensure that your project will be incredibly well-received by your clients – that’s the Preferred Turf guarantee.   


Contact Our Team for a Quote

If you are interested in receiving a quote from Preferred Turf, simply hit the “Request a Quote” and we will get back to you as soon as possible with a detailed quote for your project.

For all other enquiries, please feel free to call us on 1300 052 398 or submit an enquiry form on our contact page and we will respond with all the information you require.