Our clients have been asking us if they can use weed killer on their artificial turf. Weed killer is highly effective for reducing the growth of weeds around the borders of your artificial turf and will not damage the lawn.

However, if weed killer isn’t necessarily your thing, there are a range of alternatives.

If you notice there are still weeds growing at the edges of your synthetic turf despite regular maintenance, you can use weed killer or natural alternatives to prevent the weeds from flourishing.

These alternative options may require a bit more work than weed killer but can be easily used a couple of times a year if you notice a particular troublesome patch at the edges of your turf.

Boiling Water

Boiling water can be used to kill unwanted greenery. It stops the problem from popping up where it shouldn’t be and ensures those roots won’t grow back. However, boiling water can destroy all plant life, so be very careful when using it near any of your trees, bushes or flowers. You should, of course, always take care when using boiling water. Take proper precautions, wearing protective glasses, gloves and clothing where necessary.

Salt and Vinegar Mixture

Another reasonably hardcore solution, salt and vinegar solutions can be made at home or purchased online, and they are often recommended by home gardening gurus. However, this solution can also kill the surface any plant it comes into contact with.

You can use a 50/50 mix of water and vinegar or just salted water to treat the problem. Both solutions will help eradicate your area of weeds and keep them well away from your synthetic grass.

Blocking the Sun

Even in shady garden areas, weeds need to absorb sunlight to grow. Removing this sunlight can cause weeds to die off and prevent regrowth. Consider installing permanent edging tiles, borders or something similar around the perimeter of your synthetic grass. Alternatively, if you have a couple of dry days, cover the affected area with newspaper or cardboard, allowing the weeds to shrivel and perish.

Regardless, careful installation and regular maintenance should ensure your garden remains clean, fresh and weed-free. If you are thinking about synthetic turf for your property, we hope this has helped you consider future preparations for ensuring your turf remains pristine.

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