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Is Synthetic Turf Safe for Kids and Pets?

Just like with anything artificial or synthetic, people are naturally concerned about safety, and this does not exclude artificial turf. In previous incarnations of artificial grass, worries about certain materials were rife and put people off using these designs. As technology has advanced, though, synthetic turf has answered a lot of common questions for consumers. […]

Easy, Awesome Landscaping Ideas for Synthetic Turf

In a harsh environment like Australia, the want for a lush, green lawn can be such a labour of love. Which is why synthetic turf has become a popular addition to many yards. Being easy-to-maintain and realistic, it makes for an ideal alternative to that picturesque lawn you’ve always wanted. No more mowing, no more […]

The Benefits of Synthetic Turf

The outstanding benefits of synthetic turf become apparent when you compare it with natural grass. In countries like Australia, where drought conditions are almost routine, Australians are finding that artificial grass allows them to maintain a lush, gorgeous lawn without fear of using too much water or challenging landscaping guidelines.

Can You Use Weed Killer on Synthetic Grass?

Our clients have been asking us if they can use weed killer on their artificial turf. Weed killer is highly effective for reducing the growth of weeds around the borders of your artificial turf and will not damage the lawn. However, if weed killer isn’t necessarily your thing, there are a range of alternatives. If […]

How to Treat Moss and Mould on Your Synthetic Turf

Moss and mould aren’t exactly this season’s go-to garden accessories. However, changing weather conditions sets the perfect temperature for these unwanted visitors to thrive. As the beautiful trees have shed their leaves, dampness becomes trapped under the layers. This, combined with the perfect amount of shade required for mould and moss to grow, creates the […]

How to Stop Weeds Growing Through Synthetic Grass

You might be curious if weeds can grow through your synthetic grass? The answer is yes, it is technically possible, but rare, and limited to the outside edges of the turf. Occasionally, surface weeds can sprout up on the edges due to airborne leaves or seeds that have fallen onto the lawn from surrounding trees. […]