In a harsh environment like Australia, the want for a lush, green lawn can be such a labour of love. Which is why synthetic turf has become a popular addition to many yards. Being easy-to-maintain and realistic, it makes for an ideal alternative to that picturesque lawn you’ve always wanted. No more mowing, no more pesky prickles and no more watering – these products will ensure your next landscaping project has never been simpler.

Excited about having a synthetic lawn but stuck for ideas on landscaping? Let us inspire you.

  • Lay in the shade: placing synthetic turf under shaded areas gives everybody a great escape, especially from the Australian sun. You can use that space to play, lay or relax the day away without having to worry about getting sunburn – or the turf getting too hot. The nature of the material also means you don’t have to worry about it needing the sun to grow or stay green, so it’s ideal for those areas where real lawn doesn’t usually flourish in.
  • Around the pool: there is nothing better than jumping out of the pool and not having to worry about burning your feet on the hot pavers. A synthetic lawn is not only a practical alternative, but it also creates a clean and natural look around the pool area. Another benefit of synthetic turf, since it isn’t a living plant, you won’t have to worry about the hassle of the upkeep that would typically come with having real grass in this space.
  • In-between the cracks: use synthetic turf to break up any concrete design and get your yard back in touch with nature. Using greenery not only adds a dynamic to the design, but it’s also easy to keep looking fresh, so you do not have to worry about the complication of having to mow those small patches.
  • The perfect pitch: what is more Australian than a game of backyard cricket? Artificial grass makes for the perfect sporting pitch for cricket, golf, bowls or tennis. Whether you only have space for a narrow strip or an entire green, bring the fun to your home with easy-to-look-after synthetic turf.
  • There is no limit: the only limit in landscaping designs using artificial grass is your imagination. From rooftops, courtyards, feature areas and even commercial jobs like schoolyards, public areas and outdoor gyms – any area that requires a no-fuss lawn or might be difficult to access, synthetic turf is a perfect candidate.

Inspired by the ideas above or have you got some ideas of your own that you want to run past a professional? Remember, the only limit for how you use these products is your creativity. Keep your lawn and space green, clean and well-maintained no matter what the season, no matter how much rain by investing in synthetic turf. It truly is a landscapers dream come true and when you realise how much time, energy and water you save compared to grass- it will be your dream come true too!

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