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Synthetic Turf and Rubber Playgrounds for Schools

Providing sports facilities that are inviting and enjoyable to use helps foster continued participation in outdoor activities, giving your school community a life-long love of teamwork, being active and learning new skills.

Synthetic turf and rubber wet pour have become increasingly popular for education facilities throughout the city for their aesthetic appeal and the way in which they reduce the risk of injury for students.

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Why is Artificial Grass Ideal for Schools?

  • All weather surfaces ensure play and structured sports can continue, even after rain
  • Synthetic turf can be combined with rubber soft fall elements to create engaging, unique play areas
  • Synthetic turf provides a soft and responsive surface to help students develop their skills on a predictable surface
  • Synthetic turf is long-lasting and requires less maintenance than natural grass surfaces
  • Specific types of turf are available for specialised surfaces, including FIFA-approved artificial turf for high-level soccer competitions, close-cropped cricket grass for a responsive pitch, and multi-sport turf, a great choice for a wide range of sports applications
  • Use of synthetic turf isn’t limited to sports fields and playgrounds: using it as a landscaping element throughout your school helps to maintain a constant manicured look and cuts down on maintenance costs and mowing. Plus, you’re not limited to horizontal surfaces – we’ve installed artificial turf on steps and curved garden beds, creating fun and inviting areas to enjoy.

All Weather Surfaces that Give Students Freedom to Play

One of the key benefits of synthetic turf surfaces is that they allow PDHPE, school sports and playtime to continue in most weather conditions when traditional grass surfaces do not.

Grass fields can quickly become boggy and unusable in wet weather, and in long dry summers, your green oval can turn into a brown dust bowl, preventing students from enjoying comfortable outdoor play.

School ovals, playgrounds, running tracks and fields made from synthetic turf can also include additional drainage layers or systems to ensure your artificial grass surface drains quickly and efficiently even after heavy rainfall.

Collaborative Playground Designs for Your School

Preferred Turf is one of Sydney’s premier installers of high-grade synthetic grass and rubber soft fall at educational facilities.

We work with your school leadership team to deliver fun, safe and aesthetically pleasing playgrounds, ovals, sports fields and multi-sports courts, ensuring that the design suits your school grounds, your students, and your budget.

Our installation teams work quickly and efficiently to ensure that your playground or oval is out of action for the minimum possible time and that disruption to students and staff is minimised.

Artificial Grass & Synthetic Turf For Schools

If your educational facility is considering a revitalised outdoor area with synthetic turf, rubber softfall or acrylic surfaces, Preferred Turf can help you fit the dimensions of your playground quad or oval to create a safe, fun and visually stunning result.

As a Local Government Procurement approved contractor, CM3 and BNG Conserve accredited enterprise, you can rest assured that your project will be delivered safely, professionally and to a high standard.

Contact our team today for a quote and start designing an amazing new space for your school!

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