Before people invest in synthetic lawns, the number one question they usually ask is ‘how long it will last for?’.

It is a valid question, as people want to know that they are going to get value for their investment.

A synthetic lawn is going to save you a significant amount of money in maintenance over the years, which means that you are definitely going to save money in the long run. And the good news is that an artificial lawn can last up to 25 years if it is cared for correctly.

What will impact the quality of your artificial lawn?

There are many environmental factors that can damage a grassed lawn.

Flooding, heavy winds and hail can cause damage to your grass while extreme heat, UV rays and long periods of drought will also have your lawn looking tired, weary or – in some cases – badly damaged.

Synthetic turf is resistant to all of these factors and will remain robust even in extreme weather conditions. Heavy foot traffic (from people and pets) can also damage traditional grass lawns, but artificial turf is also designed to withstand this. While this foot traffic can flatten and damage regular grass, synthetic turf blades will switch position – which can easily be remedied with a quick brush.

This means that your synthetic lawn is going to stand up to most of the conditions that would damage a regular grassed lawn.

There are some things that can damage artificial grass, such as spilling liquids or substances on it. We know life happens though and spills will occur, so to prevent any damage, ensure that they are cleaned up quickly and thoroughly. Tyres can also cause damage and dents so try not to drive or store vehicles on the lawn as any leakage can damage the turf as well.

That being said, by employing a simple maintenance regime, you will be able to enjoy your turf for many years to come.

How to maintain your synthetic lawn

To keep your turf looking lush, green and clean all the time there are some simple measures you can take.

While synthetic grass requires much less maintenance than normal grass, it does have specific needs to ensure that it looks fantastic year-round.

You won’t have to mow, weeds will not grow and soil/grass diseases will have zero impact on your lawn.

Here are some simple tips to keep your synthetic grass looking fantastic:

  • Clear the grass of debris, which can typically be done with a leaf blower or by hand with a rake.
  • Rinse the grass regularly to remove smaller debris like pollen
  • Brush against the grain using a stiff broom regularly. This will help improve the longevity of your lawn.
  • Always ensure to regularly remove pet waste and sticky substances, while also tending to spills quickly.

If you find that a part of your lawn has become significantly stained from substances like motor oil, sunscreen, oil or grease, use mineral spirits to blot the impacted area and remove the excess liquid.

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