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How to choose a commercial synthetic turf supplier

When searching for a commercial synthetic turf supplier and installer, it’s important to do your research and choose a reputable business that can deliver precision, excellent service and high-quality work.

Whilst there are many backyard operators that can install your turf for a cheap price, it’s worth remembering that you get what you pay for: a cheap synthetic turf installation could end up costing you more in the long run.

To assist you in selecting the right synthetic turf supplier for your next commercial, education, sports or council project, we have created a checklist to compare suppliers.

Synthetic turf supplier comparison checklist

1. Does the supplier have good reviews?

Research the supplier’s reputation, both online and through word of mouth. This can be through direct contact with previous projects or by asking the supplier for references. Online reviews are also an effective way to assess the company’s performance and service, or you can request to see previous work in person. You can also get an understanding of their reputation through how they present themselves: a strong brand, clean uniforms, a pleasant communication style and ample support literature are all signs of a reputable supplier and installer.

2. Does the supplier use Standards-approved, high quality turf?

Ensure the turf supplier’s products meet relevant standards and that they can provide technical specifications for each type of turf. This is particularly important for applications where the specific type of turf is regulated and subject to particular rules, such as synthetic turf for FIFA approved playing surfaces. Reputable suppliers will be happy to provide product samples on request.

3. What is the supplier’s support like?

Look for a supplier with a dedicated support team that can oversee and assist throughout the project. It’s likely that you will require advice and support in both the early sales stages and during the project itself, so it’s a good idea to quiz the supplier on their process and how they will manage unforeseen circumstances or issues.

Part of their process should also include acceptance in writing and a strong warranty and a detailed after-sales service program.

4. Is the supplier’s quote detailed and comprehensive?

A reputable supplier will never try to hide costs: you’ll know if the pricing is fair and reasonable by comparing it to other quotes.

Ensure the turf supplier’s quote includes a valid ABN, their contact details, and a clear outline of the project scope and products to be supplied – the more detail the better. Check whether any exclusions or caveats are listed and review how the quote lines up with others. Quotes or proposals that are significantly higher or lower than most could potentially be cause for concern, and a supplier that seems to encourage cash jobs may raise red flags.

5. What types of experience have they had with similar projects?

Researching the supplier’s online presence should give you a good insight into the variety of projects they have been involved in previously. Check their social media profiles and website for case studies or showcases of previous work. A synthetic turf supplier and installer that takes pride in their work will most likely be sharing their successful projects publicly.

It may also be worthwhile checking if they are part of any industry associations or approved by your relevant industry body (for example, Preferred Turf is part of CM3 in the education sector).

6. What is their approach to safety?

Whilst specific licences are not required to undertake synthetic turf installation, the supplier’s installation team should be skilled in their craft and have a strong understanding of safe work practices.

The team of tradespeople must have SWMS in place, be comfortable with site inductions, and be covered by relevant insurances.

7. Is the supplier a good communicator?

Good communication via both phone and email is critical to ensure that you are kept informed of your project’s progress or alerted to any challenges as soon as they arise. Prioritise suppliers that are happy to answer questions and assist you with any concerns or queries.

At the conclusion of the project, the supplier should take the time to talk through the necessary maintenance regime to ensure you get excellent long term performance from your turf.

Why choose Preferred Turf for your commercial synthetic turf installation?

At Preferred Turf, our projects are based upon always ensuring the customers’ requirements are fulfilled beyond their expectations. We strive to build and maintain positive customer relationships and uphold our preferred supplier status across various industry verticals.

Our family-owned and operated business is based in Sydney and has been supplying and installing commercial, education and sporting projects across NSW for over 17 years. Our expansive collection of synthetic grass and landscaping products combined with precision installation and service has earned us a reputation for our quality and customer satisfaction.

Contact our team to find out more about how we can deliver a quality turf installation for your project, or take a look at some of our previous commercial projects here.

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