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How to choose the best artificial turf for your project: a guide for commercial landscapers

Commercial landscapers are often managing competing priorities on their projects. There is a requirement to deliver a quality finish and appearance for the client, but also a need to choose rugged and hard-wearing materials that can stand up to heavy use. 

Additionally, budget constraints have to be managed, so commercial landscapers need to look for synthetic landscaping turf that is durable, low maintenance, and has a realistic appearance. They should also consider factors such as the turf’s drainage capabilities, infill options, and overall cost. 

Partnering with a reputable synthetic turf supplier is a great first step, allowing landscapers to draw on the expertise of product experts who can ensure you get the best balance of price, performance and durability. Below we outline several factors to consider and discuss with your synthetic turf partner to ensure you get the best result for your client.

Drainage Factors

Drainage capabilities are essential in synthetic turf because they prevent water from pooling on the surface, which can lead to issues such as mould and mildew growth. Pooled water can also create slippery surfaces that can be a safety concern in public areas or playgrounds.

Drainage also helps to keep the turf clean and helps to prolong the life of the turf by preventing damage caused by standing water (synthetic turf is not designed to be submerged for long periods). 

Quality synthetic turf products feature a permeable backing layer with drainage holes that are normally around 3-5mm in size. 

Another factor that contributes to drainage is the infill layer: this is usually sand or crumbed rubber, which allows water to flow through it and be absorbed into the ground. There are several different types of infill options for synthetic turf: 

  • Sand: Sand infill is one of the most common types of infill used in synthetic turf. It is relatively inexpensive, helps to keep the turf upright, and improves traction. For residential, childcare or school applications we use natural infills like kiln-dried sand, negating any health concerns around crumbed SBR rubber
  • Rubber: Rubber crumb infill is made from recycled tyres and is a popular choice for commercial applications because it is durable and provides good cushioning. It also holds its shape well and is resistant to compaction. Preferred Turf frequently uses this option for professional-grade sports fields, offering the best performance, comfort and foot traction for sports such as soccer. 

Ultimately, the best infill option for commercial landscaping projects depends on the application and the budget.


Often hard-wearing products with longer warranties such as our Premium 35mm, or our 30mm Premium Hi-Density Landscape Grass perform better, especially in areas of high traffic or use. Most synthetic turf products are designed for longevity, however, this can vary once installed depending on how much traffic the area receives. 

Several factors contribute to the hard-wearing characteristics of synthetic turf including the pile height and the quality of construction. High-quality materials that are UV-stabilised, resistant to fading, and have a robust structure will make the turf more durable. Turf with a higher pile height is generally more resilient and can withstand more wear and tear.

And of course, proper site preparation, installation and maintenance all contribute heavily to the product’s longevity. 

Budget Considerations

Commercial landscapers are frequently working to tight budgets with little room for movement. Whilst there are plenty of cheap synthetic turf products on the market, products at the low end tend to have quite a ‘fake’ appearance that can detract from the finished project’s aesthetics. 

When budget constraints are a major factor, choosing products such as our 20mm Deluxe Landscaping Grass or 25mm Preferred Deluxe synthetic turf can help you strike a good balance between cost-effectiveness and a natural look.

Get advice and support from the experts in synthetic turf

No matter what kind of commercial landscaping project you’re working on, it’s best to consult with a professional to determine the best option for your specific needs and budget.

The Preferred Turf team is here to offer honest advice and recommendations for education, council or commercial landscaping projects across NSW.

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