You might be curious if weeds can grow through your synthetic grass? The answer is yes, it is technically possible, but rare, and limited to the outside edges of the turf.

Occasionally, surface weeds can sprout up on the edges due to airborne leaves or seeds that have fallen onto the lawn from surrounding trees. As these weeds grow so close to the lawn’s surface, all you have to do is gently pull them out. No mowing, digging or hoeing required.

If you have had artificial turf installed and are noticing weeds growing at the edges, this might mean you didn’t have weed membrane installed. This can cause a lot of issues with bulbs, weeds and other seeds growing at the edges of your synthetic turf which can cause bumps and lumps on the borders.

One of the ultimate draws of synthetic grass is the fact they are highly resistant to weeds. Not allowing them to poke through the main turf area.  

New lawns are installed in a manner that weeds like the ones you find in natural lawn simply don’t grow. To begin with, Preferred Turf fully excavate the area where the synthetic turf will be laid. This removes any surface weeds. Following this, weed killer will be sprayed onto the area and a weed resistant membrane will be planted underneath. This makes it almost impossible for weeds to poke through.

To ensure your new turf remains weed-free, we recommend regular maintenance. Doing this will reduce the number of border weeds and keep the turf looking fresh and green. Regardless, you will spend a considerably lower amount of time tending to synthetic grass than natural grass.

Here three top tips for preventing artificial grass weeds.

1. Brush Up

To remove any airborne seeds, as well as any dirt that may accumulate, you will want to brush your synthetic grass regularly with a stiff brush or broom. This quick, simple job will ensure your lawn looks perfect and stops weeds from popping up at the edges. Choose a brush with synthetic bristles as opposed to metal ones, as metal ones can damage the turf. Brush firmly in the direction of the pile. This will not only remove seeds and other debris, but will also keep the blades of grass looking upright and fresh.

2. Maintain Surrounding Spots

If your property has any hedges or trees overhanging your lawn, undergoing regular maintenance of these will also help to reduce border weed growth. Pruning and trimming your trees and hedges will stop leaves from accumulating. In autumn, giving your lawn a once over with a leaf blower is an easy way of keeping on top of weeds.

3. Weed Killer

Using a weed killer can also help remove any weeds in your synthetic grass. You don’t have to do this often – three or four times a year is fine and it will keep weeds at bay throughout the whole year.  

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