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Impressive Feedback From Our Education Clients!


Results From Preferred Turf’s Education Survey

The Preferred Turf team surveyed our education clients to collect feedback on recent synthetic turf and rubber soft fall projects. 

Schools throughout NSW were surveyed with the question: ‘On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the best), how would you say the recent playground upgrade at your school has increased student and community engagement?’

We’re pleased to report that our overall satisfaction score is 8.8, with many schools commenting that both students and the wider community are thrilled with their new fields, ovals and playground areas. 

Following are just a few of the great comments we received from primary and secondary schools across NSW. 

Loved by Students and Staff

Comments received from staff across many different schools illustrate that overall, students are thoroughly enjoying their outdoor time, with the new synthetic sport and play spaces seeing plenty of use during break times and PDHPE periods. 

Sandra Dawson from Holy Cross Primary School Glenwood has noticed the students have also been more engaged with each other since their new sports courts were installed. 

“Students are outdoors engaging with peers, enjoying the new space and the handball courts,” says Sandra. 

“We love our new playground and the children are thoroughly enjoying the new area. We would have no qualms giving you a 10 out of 10 from start to finish,” adds Vicki Pawley from Narrabri Public School.

Jas Pavic from James Busby High School also notes that the overall project process was smooth and hassle-free: our installation team always aims to reduce the impact of construction activities as much as possible, getting projects completed quickly and efficiently. 

“The installation was seamless and professional,” reports Jas. 

“Our students have engaged [with the new area] beautifully. It gets used every day [and is] so much fun for all.”

Benefits for the Local Community 

Vicky Wallace from Berowra Public School comments that it’s not just the school students that are getting enjoyment from the new soccer field and running track we delivered at their school. 

We recently installed 1200m2 of 18mm Multisport Synthetic Turf, transforming a tired dull grass oval into an all-season play space for the wider community. 

“Our upgraded field is being used daily by students, used before and after school in OOSH,  and also the local soccer club is using the field for training.” 

Delivering outstanding synthetic recreation spaces also has a knock-on effect on the overall presentation of your school’s facilities, creating a more attractive opportunity for new enrolments. 

Annette Wallace from Holy Cross Primary School Woollahra says that both current and prospective students are benefiting from their new multi-purpose sports courts. 

“It has been amazing for our students and prospective enrolments,” notes Annette. 

Paul Frazer from Marist College Kogarah is also delighted with his school’s new multi-sport volleyball and futsal field, summing up the experience with a perfect score – “10/10!”

Synthetic Turf: The Practical Solution for Playgrounds and Sports Fields

Synthetic turf is available in a wide range of pile heights, colours and textures to add fun and creativity to your play spaces. An endless array of colourful designs can be achieved, including inlaid shapes, detailed school logos, and line marking to suit all kinds of sports and games. 

More and more educational facilities are choosing synthetic turf as a low-maintenance, safe and enjoyable grass alternative. Whether you are looking to install a synthetic soccer pitch, a multipurpose sports court, or simply give your students an amazing place to enjoy their lunch break, we can help you improve your school’s landscaped areas and playgrounds, creating enjoyable, creative and cost-effective spaces. 

Want to Transform Your School’s Outdoor Spaces?

If your school would like to deliver better facilities and safer play spaces to your students and the surrounding community, get in touch with the professional team at Preferred Turf. 

As an experienced supplier and installer of synthetic turf and rubber soft fall surfaces for both public and private schools throughout NSW. Contact our team on 02 8311 7111 or email sales@preferredturf.com.au to see how we can help.

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