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Is Artificial Grass Non Toxic?

This is a common question we’re asked here at Preferred Turf, and often it’s the deciding factor for customers who are looking to invest in artificial grass overall. For families with young children or pets, this is an understandable concern to have. At the end of the day, we’ve worked hard to ensure the surfaces we offer are safe for pets and children alike, whilst adding convenience to your everyday living.

However, not all products are made equal, so when you’re examining the market for the most suitable option for your household, it’s important to weigh up the differences between one option and another.

At Preferred Turf, for example, we focus on stocking exceptionally high-quality solutions that minimise any risk and decrease health-related or safety concerns where possible. Our products also undergo extensive testing to ensure they’re designed for family-friendly purposes. So what exactly do you need to know about artificial turf for kids, cats and dogs? Read on to find out.

Is Artificial Turf Safe For Children And Pets?

The short answer here is yes. We only use high-quality materials in our products – which are as safe as everyday household plastic toys, especially when they’ve been properly installed.

Some parents may worry that their kids may get hurt when playing on our grass – however, our products are durable, slip-resistant and FIFA-approved.

When it comes to pets, our artificial turf is safe for pets, too. Its drainage features, easy maintenance and prevention for any pets who like to dig make it a no-brainer for pet owners, whilst ensuring that there are no materials present in the product that will be harmful to pets. In the below section, we will discuss why this is the case

What is Artificial Turf Made With?

Artificial grass is generally made up of three main components:

  • Infill is the material brushed into the fibres of the grass that provides a layer between the backing and foot traffic and assists the fibres in standing up straight, as well as weighing the turf down.
  • Backing is the layer on top of the infill which provides support. We use UV-resistant polypropylene backing with a cloth mesh.
  • Surface materials are the synthetic fibres that make up the artificial lawn. We have these available in various colours and textures, as well as different densities. Our fibres undergo extensive testing to ensure they comply with the harsh Australian climate and relevant standards.

Our turf is also lead-free and made with eco-friendly materials for your total peace of mind.

Looking into the Science

Often it’s rubber infill that comes into question when discussing safety concerns and whether artificial turf is toxic. This is especially the case when crumbed SBR rubber has been used. Crumbed SBR rubber is typically recycled from old tyres that have been disposed of from trucks and provides a shock absorbing layer in the synthetic turf fibres.. Particularly in the media, there have been widespread conversations that this material can be toxic, and has been allegedly linked to cancer.

The good news is, recent studies conducted to set standards for the European Union’s EN 71-3 revealed that toxicity levels in crumb rubber isn’t actually detected or, where it was identified, is well below the threshold that’s considered dangerous. This makes it far safer for typical household use than people often realise.

On top of this, rubber infill is catered specifically for professional grade sports fields, and not typically used in residential, childcare or school applications – we only utilize natural infills like kiln dried sand for these applications.

Quality Solutions for You

We are dedicated to bringing you high-quality solutions for a more natural feel, without the required maintenance of having to mow the lawn, whilst ensuring that there are no materials present in our products that would compromise safety.

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