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Is Synthetic Turf Safe for Kids and Pets?

Just like with anything artificial or synthetic, people are naturally concerned about safety, and this does not exclude artificial turf.

In previous incarnations of artificial grass, worries about certain materials were rife and put people off using these designs. As technology has advanced, though, synthetic turf has answered a lot of common questions for consumers.

For example, modern products now mean this kind of turf is engineered not just to be safe for everybody, including kids and pets, but could be considered more reliable than actual grass. If you are contemplating installing a new lawn, then rest assured this type does not pose any safety risk for your children or pets.

Artificial Lawns Are Safe For Your Family

One of the biggest apprehensions that came with the use of artificial grass in the past is the materials used in its production.

Rumours of grass containing lead meant that people would steer clear of using it out of concerns for safety.

These days though, high-quality turf does not contain this, so there’s no need to worry. Additionally, we also only use rubber infill in our sports grass products, which allows for better performance and playability. For landscape products, we utilise high-quality sand to ensure best possible practice.

As with anything, though, if you purchase high-quality products, then the concern over the materials used is a lot lower. Reputable brands understand the importance of making sure their product is safe, so as long as you go with brands that have a proven track record, you do not have to worry about toxic materials.

Is Synthetic Turf Better?

An argument can also be made that synthetic turf is actually more safe, especially for children and pets than a real lawn. Grass contains seeds and pollen, which can contain prickles and cause skin issues, particularly for those who are allergic. With synthetic turf, your child and pet can roll around and not have to worry about grass allergies, rashes, and getting prickles.

 It also means that fewer bees are attracted to the area, so you are less likely to step on one as you walk through the lawn. As important as bees are to nature, stepping on them is not ideal for anyone.

These products of today, a far cry from its original carnation, are also a lot softer, which means when being used under children’s playgrounds, backyards or sporting fields it can be a lot safer.

If tumbles happen, which is inevitable when it comes to children and sport, then falling on synthetic turf is a nicer landing than natural grass and even most of the alternative flooring in modern playgrounds. You can also be sure that if your child takes a fall on this kind of grass, you won’t have to worry about pesky grass stains either.

And that’s always a win-win.

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