Preferred Turf consists of several teams of highly skilled, trained and experienced professionals working across the board to ensure consistently quality service.

From our estimations team, ensuring that you receive the best quote on your project, to our experienced installers, with their passion for ensuring the most aesthetically-pleasing finish on each project, you can relax with the peace of mind that the Preferred Turf team are truly the trailblazers of our industry.

We believe that the team reflects on the level of customer satisfaction. At Preferred Turf, the customer is our absolute priority. To ensure this is consistently achieved, we have a team of knowledgable and approachable professionals who are always on-hand to assist our clients with their queries. Regardless of whether you are an installations client, landscaper or onseller, you can be sure that when dealing with Preferred Turf, you will be receiving only the best.

Always Delivering on Quality

What also makes our team so unique is their extensive knowledge of the quality products we have on offer. Each one of our team is highly trained regarding our product, correct installation methods and maintenance to further ensure they can always be of assistance.

As we have some of the highest grade synthetic turf available (sourced from FIFA-accredited suppliers with over 50 years’ industry experience), it is important to ensure our team understand the benefits of having this grass installed for your application. Our team can help you decide on which product is perfect for your application and will provide a detailed quote on its installation.

This is the Preferred Turf guarantee. Simply call us on 1300 052 398 to discover how incredible your property can become with the finest synthetic turf on the market.