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Synthetic Grass Adhesive

Preferred Turf’s SGA-20 Adhesive is an all-weather, solvent-based solution that’s suitable for the indoor or outdoor installation of artificial and synthetic lawn. This can be applied to concrete, wood, paving or asphalt surfaces, as well as joining fabrics and tapes. This high-performance alternative to typical grass is a popular choice for balconies, front gardens and backyards – creating an attractive outdoor environment with zero maintenance required. It’s even suitable for use in areas of high moisture, such as the area around swimming pools. We have everything you need for the do-it-yourself installation and maintenance of artificial grass. Get in touch with our friendly, professional team today to discuss your project and requirements.


Ready to get started? While we recommend using the help of experts, here are a few tips to help you if you’re looking for a DIY approach: 1. Start with a dry, smooth surface, then use a trowel to apply the solution. We recommend using a 6.0mm square-notched trowel (notch dimensions: 6mm wide x 6mm deep x 6mm spacings) 2. Wait five to ten minutes for the synthetic turf adhesive to become tacky, then lower your chosen fake lawn onto it. 3. Apply pressure to ensure that it’s created a strong bond. Important: Make sure to apply in a well-ventilated area to avoid breathing in vapours. Remember to keep away from eyes and skin. If contact occurs, seek advice from a doctor or poisons hotline.

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