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Rubber Softfall

The best type of playground experience is had when you can be carefree and adventurous, while also knowing everyone is safe from the ground up. As a preferred supplier of some of the best soft fall matting for playgrounds, the Preferred Turf crew only use top-grade materials for exceptional results. With its increasing popularity, this has become the choice for homes, businesses and educational facilities throughout the city, especially childcare centres and primary schools.

Transforming Playspaces With Vibrant Playground Rubber Flooring

Pour-in-place rubber surfacing is an ideal soft fall choice for schools and public play areas. Its porous nature means it’s non-slip, doesn’t hold puddles, and debris can easily be blown or washed away.

Available in an abundance of colours, it can be transformed into interactive and irregular shapes and curious spaces unique to your school or childcare centre. The surfacing is an inclusive product as it caters to all abilities, including wheelchairs, unlike mulching or sand areas.

We love that this surfacing allows children and adults to test their ability without worrying over what they may land on. The product can also be used for customising indoor jungle gyms. Our soft fall mats are ideal for underneath backyard swings, or on the patio underneath your small plastic slide for added protection for your little ones. These are available in a range of colours and thicknesses, and they’re also porous.

As a trusted family-run company, we understand the importance of ensuring safe zones for children to explore. This product is hardwearing, cost-effective and soft, yet resistant to damage. You can be confident that our products are non-toxic and meet Australian standards, installed to regulation for the height of the equipment.

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