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A Safe and Inviting Playground for Aspect Vern Barnett School


Synthetic Turf and Rubber Playground Surfacing


What We Supplied:

Project Snapshot

As the largest autism-specific service provider in Australia, Autism Spectrum (Aspect) Vern Barnett School in Forestville offers a range of programs to support children on the autism spectrum and their families. 

Founded in 1971, the school has been in operation for over 50 years without extensive refurbishment or renovations. Several years ago, a plan was developed to revitalise the school, with major works including landscaped playgrounds that incorporated autism-specific design improvements. This project was completed in two stages during 2022 and 2023. 

How We Helped

With a close-knit school community of around 120 students, Aspect Vern Barnett School wanted to provide specific calming, sensory and active spaces to suit students with varying needs. Our scope for this project was to deliver a safe and engaging design that functioned as an active outdoor play area. 

During the design stages, we worked with the school leadership team to ensure the planned synthetic turf and rubber soft fall playground was functional and safe, as well as being fun and inviting. A spacious, organic design emerged, utilising curved pathways, inlaid shapes in natural colours, and alternating rubber surfacing and synthetic grass sections. 

Working with Greenpoint Construction Group, we installed our 40mm Premium and Surface Designs Rosehill TPV to create a safe and inclusive facility that significantly improves the learning environment for students.


Working at this special needs school, the Preferred Turf team took extra care during the construction process to ensure the area was safe and completely off-limits to students. The project was carried out during the school term, however we were diligent with pausing activity when necessary to accommodate student lunch breaks and pick-up/drop-off times. 

Extreme care was taken during the installation process to ensure that the key deliverables of functionality and safety were carried through to the finished surfaces. 

Although the intricate patterns took time to install, the overall effect is a positive and vibrant space that blends neatly with the surrounding buildings and gardens.

The Result

Preferred Turf’s skilled installation of artificial turf and softfall playground surfacing has improved the safety and amenity of the school, delivering a creative outdoor space in natural earthy tones.

The 40mm Premium synthetic turf complements the Surface Designs Rosehill TPV, combining both surfaces to create an attractive, enjoyable, low-maintenance play area.  

Preferred Turf is an experienced synthetic surface supplier and installer, a professionally accredited CM3 and BNG Conserve-accredited enterprise, as well as an LGP-approved contractor. We have extensive experience working with schools and educational facilities to help you bring your project to life.

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