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Upgrade Your Sports Facility with New Generation Synthetic Turf


Considering updating your sports facility from old and tired fake grass to the modern and life-like styles of synthetic turf? The most recent generation of synthetic turf options can help deliver a high-performance surface, and a natural feel and aesthetic appeal, whilst ensuring maintenance requirements are kept to a minimum.

Why Update Your Synthetic Turf? 

From action-packed Sunday footy, to long summer days of cricket, to high-energy hockey competitions, sports facilities are an incredibly important part of every local community. With the latest innovations in synthetic turf, both competitive athletes and weekend warriors can benefit from high-performance sports fields, which are far removed from the scratchy, fake-looking synthetic grasses of yesteryear. 

Early synthetic turf systems featured short fibres without any infill, giving a fake ‘plastic’ look. These were soon replaced by more advanced second-generation polypropylene turf systems, which include longer fibres and sand infills. This type of turf had a more attractive appearance, but there was still room for improvement in both looks and behaviour, with early types unable to accurately reproduce the ball bounce and playing characteristics of natural grass. 

Today’s generation of synthetic sports turf is manufactured from soft, natural-feeling polyethylene and utilises a combination of sand and recycled rubber granules, also known as “rubber crumb” as an infill. This is the variety of synthetic turf that Preferred Turf most frequently instals for professional-grade sports fields, offering the best performance, comfort and foot traction. 

Whilst synthetic turf offers benefits for players like shock absorption and traction-boosting finishes, maintenance teams also reap the benefits of a heavily reduced maintenance schedule and turf that looks brilliant year-round. 

Choosing Synthetic Turf that’s Fit for Purpose

Whether your sports facility is specifically designed for a single sport, or it frequently hosts multiple sports and games every week, there is plenty of choice when it comes to types of synthetic turf. 

Purpose-designed synthetic turf is available for soccer and futsal, cricket pitches, and hockey, as well as specific styles for sports where rebound is critical (like basketball). 

Preferred Turf’s customisable synthetic turf options allow you to choose the right specifications such as colour, fibre density, pile height, shock absorption, infill types and more, delivering a surface that is perfect for your choice of sport.  

Our professional team can help you choose a suitable surface for your sports facility that meets both the functional needs of your project and your budget. Each style of sports turf has characteristics that affect the overall traction, softness and look of your field, oval or court. 

When Should You Replace Synthetic Turf?

If properly maintained, synthetic turf can last 10-15 years before it needs replacing. Manufacturing technology for synthetic turf has changed considerably over the last decade, with new generation styles offering a stark contrast to the one-dimensional ‘plastic’ look of older synthetic turf. 

If you are ready for a synthetic turf upgrade, smart investment into your sports facility will ensure that it continues to serve players and athletes for many years to come, without creating exorbitant ongoing maintenance costs. 

Time for New Synthetic Turf? 

If you already have synthetic turf installed but it is over 10 years old, it may be time to bring your facility up to date. 

The team at Preferred Turf are skilled at both new installations and replacing old turf with more modern styles that offer durability, aesthetic appeal and an excellent playing experience for the community. Contact our team today to see how we can transform your sports facility into a modern, high-performance venue.

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