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Case Study: Stanwell Park Synthetic Grass Soccer Pitch


What we provided

Project Snapshot

Stanwell Park Public School is located in a coastal area just south of Sydney. This small community school has a main playground area which was frequently reduced to bare dirt (or mud when wet), due to the poor soil that the school was constructed on.


It was difficult for natural grass to grow and flourish and the pitch was often bare and unattractive, and simply unusable at times. 

This is likely due to the fact that the surrounding area is a long-standing coal mining region, with several nearby mines contributing to the poor soils. The school’s soccer pitch contains a substantial amount of coal debris, making it very difficult for healthy lawns to grow in this coastal environment. 

The school required a solution that would allow the main playground to be better utilised throughout the year, and it was clear that persisting with tending to the natural grass would be an expensive and time-consuming exercise. 

How We Helped

Stanwell Park Public School engaged Preferred Turf to transform the space into an attractive and practical area that could be used year-round. We worked with the leadership team at the school to ensure the right synthetic grass was selected for this location, using our proven 4-step project process. This began with an on-site consultation and in depth discussion about the project outcomes, leading to a recommendation for the selected synthetic turf. 

We supplied and installed our 40mm Allsports Synthetic Grass and 40mm Allsports White Line, as well as in-ground soccer goals, to create a fantastic futsal court for all students and the community to enjoy. 40mm Allsports Synthetic Turf is designed for rigorous sports such as soccer and football, with a high-performance playing surface that provides superior ball control. Its durable, thick pile is constructed from three 3 shades of green to enhance its realistic appearance. 

The result is a high-quality, functional sports facility that has allowed the school to offer a wide range of sports and activities to students. The 40m x 20m synthetic turf pitch was finished in neat and tidy timber edging and is now frequently used by the small local community both in and out of school time.

With extensive experience in the education sector, we can offer help and advice on how to improve your school’s landscaped areas and playgrounds with synthetic turf and rubber.

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