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Using Synthetic Turf in Commercial Spaces


Why synthetic turf outperforms natural grass in high-traffic areas


Just like natural grass, synthetic turf offers a neat landscaped look and the feeling of calming green space.

However, its key advantage over grass is its incredibly durable surface, making it ideal for high-traffic areas that are difficult to maintain or access.


Commercial applications for synthetic turf

Modern synthetic turf products have advanced in leaps and bounds over the past few years, giving commercial property owners, landscape designers and councils an incredible range of quality finishes to choose from.

With dozens of different styles, colours and pile heights, synthetic turf spans the full range of landscaping effects, from ultra-natural public gardens to bright-coloured, high-impact spaces.

This versatility has led to an increased uptake in the use of artificial turf in commercial spaces like shopping centre courtyards, residential unit gardens, and rooftop retreats in luxury hotels.

Much loved by architects, schools, councils, and local government departments, synthetic turf solves visual green space requirements whilst ensuring ongoing maintenance is minimised. The right turf product, professionally installed, will ensure the area remains looking good for many years without the seasonal issues of drought and flood that drastically affect the look of natural turf surfaces.

Suitable for a wide range of commercial applications, synthetic grass has been successfully installed in projects throughout Sydney including:

  • Landscaped rooftop areas in hotels and high-rise apartments
  • Sporting facilities such as soccer pitches, playing fields, cricket pitches and ovals
  • Low maintenance synthetic grass areas in aged care facilities and nursing homes
  • Landscaped indoor areas in shopping centre playgrounds and break-out areas
  • Council assets such as nature strips along hard-to-maintain roads
  • Outdoor areas in hospitals and healthcare facilities
  • Architectural and creative features in public space


What types of artificial turf are best for commercial projects?

As there is such an array of potential uses for synthetic turf in commercial spaces, it is really about ensuring the chosen product aligns with its intended purpose.

A shopping centre courtyard will require a different product from a school nature strip, and there are many nuances in sports surfaces to take into account if you are embarking on a sporting facility project. Cricket pitches for example perform best when 9mm cricket grass is selected, and likewise, professional soccer facilities require FIFA-certified artificial turf.

Full-sun areas that will function as a recreation or play space can benefit from a product such as our 40mm Platinum Cool Turf, a synthetic turf that offers up to a 15% reduction in heat reflection.

Ultimately, partnering with a professional supplier and installer of synthetic turf will give you access to advice and support, ensuring you choose the right product for your application.


Does synthetic grass need ongoing maintenance?

Artificial turf is a low-maintenance choice for commercial projects, however it’s important to note that some ongoing maintenance is required to ensure that the turf remains at its best.

We offer a revitalisation service for large synthetic turf areas, involving a machine brush-up of the pile, ensuring any infill is level, and a deep clean of the pile and infill to remove dirt, dust and debris. This works to loosen and soften the surface. We can also re-top the area with sand whilst brushing up the synthetic grass.

We recommend this deep clean is performed 2 – 4 times per year to maintain optimum performance.

Creative uses for synthetic turf in commercial projects

We’ve worked with clients to deliver some creative synthetic turf projects, including a maze for Hornsby Hospital and a curved staircase covered in synthetic turf for Trinity Catholic College in Auburn.

With the variety of artificial turf styles available to designers and specifiers and its flexibility to be installed on vertical surfaces, the possibilities for creating a stand-out commercial project are endless.

Get help choosing the right synthetic turf for your commercial projects

Preferred Turf is an experienced synthetic grass supplier and installer based in Western Sydney. Servicing areas throughout the Greater Sydney area for nearly 20 years, we are a professionally accredited CM3 and BNG Conserve-accredited enterprise as well as an LGP-approved contractor.

We work with top tier landscapers, civil contractors, architects, schools and government departments to help you bring your project to life. Contact our team of experts to discuss how to get a high quality result for your commercial synthetic turf projects.

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