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What is the process for a synthetic turf or softfall project?

Our simple design & installation process

The team at Preferred Turf often gets asked how long it takes to install synthetic turf and rubber softfall surfaces. This can be a tricky question to answer in just a few words, as it depends on the size of your project and the complexity of the site.

Smaller commercial projects can take as little as 4 weeks from initial quote to handover, whereas larger, more complex projects can take 3 months or more from start to finish. Projects involving additional site works such as concreting, drainage or construction of retaining walls have longer time frames, whereas installation of the surface only can generally be completed more quickly.

A better way to look at your synthetic turf or softfall project is to consider the whole process from start to finish.

In this article, we break down the 4 steps to getting your low-maintenance, attractive and hard-wearing synthetic turf or softfall surface installed, and how long each stage is estimated to take.

Making it easy

Firstly, our main aim is to deliver an outstanding project simply and efficiently, without compromising on client communication.

To do this, we spend extra time understanding your needs and what you want to achieve from the project, and keep you informed of what’s going on, every step of the way. We’ve spent years refining our process to ensure that our clients get the most efficient and timely project delivery whilst still maintaining high standards.

Our process can be broken down into four stages:

  1. The initial quotation and acceptance
  2. Our internal pre-planning and scheduling
  3. The installation itself, and
  4. The final approval and handover stage

Step 1: Discovery and Proposal

The first step is your free on-site consultation, consisting of a detailed site drawing and a comprehensive cost estimate. We visit at a time that’s convenient for you and discuss your challenges and goals with your space.

Being on-site with you means we can get a better understanding of some of the unique constraints that might impact the project down the track, such as tricky site access or potential drainage issues that need to be rectified. It’s also a great time for us to understand your preferences on the type of product, any additions or markings in the turf or rubber, or particular design features that you would like.

Taking extra time in the planning stages makes for a smoother project when your consultant hands the project over to our projects team.

After we provide you with a proposal and you accept, our capable projects team will take the reins – we’ve found the discovery and proposal stage to typically take around 1-2 weeks.

Step 2: Scheduling

From here, our project team get to work with our internal planning work, keeping you informed along the way.

This part of the process typically takes around 2 – 4 weeks, and involves ordering the necessary materials, scheduling transport, and rostering our installation team for your required install date.

It’s worth noting that if you’re planning an installation over the busy Christmas and New Year period, we recommend a September sign off to ensure your project is scheduled in and delivery happens smoothly.

Step 3: Installation

As mentioned earlier, the installation time can be quite variable depending on the size of the project and its individual challenges. Small projects can be done in a day, whereas larger commercial projects or those involving multiple sites or surfaces can take 4 weeks or longer.

In any case, our professional team will be in constant contact with you and notify you if there are any unexpected delays.

Step 4: Handover

This final phase of the project happens once you provide your final approval that you’re satisfied with the job. We’ll handover on a day and time convenient to you, and within a few days you’ll receive a Preferred Turf care pack which contains information about your warranty and maintenance of your new synthetic surface.

Trust Preferred Turf for your commercial artificial turf and synthetic surface projects

This proven 4-step process has been developed and refined over time to ensure the best result for our clients. We frequently receive positive feedback on our professional approach to delivering complex commercial projects.

Clients like Tayleb Hassan from Adeptbuilt attest to our clear communication and our commitment to making the process easy.

“We found the team at Preferred Turf a delight to work with,” says Tayleb.

“From the initial consultation through to handover of the project, they made the process extremely smooth, and they were always reliable.”

Contact our friendly team to learn more about our process for synthetic turf and rubber softfall installations, or to discuss your upcoming project.


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