Synthetic grass is ideal for residential properties, but did you know it can also be an effective way for businesses to keep their property looking sharp, clean and evergreen? Preferred Turf, as Sydney’s premier synthetic grass installer, has seen a sharp increase in businesses installing synthetic turf to enhance the aesthetic appeal of their property. This is because having artificial grass installed comes with a range of benefits that make it perfect for commercial properties. Read on to find out the benefits of installing synthetic turf at your business. You will find a host of reasons as to why synthetic grass might just be a more viable option than the upkeep of a traditional lawn.


The overall price of having artificial turf installed at your commercial property can be divided up amongst the number of years traditional lawn stays in place. Costs involved with the upkeep of natural lawn include equipment operation and maintenance as well as the payment of a garden service to keep the grass looking neat and tidy. With artificial grass, once the initial payment of installation has been paid, you don’t have to worry about paying further costs for maintenance. Therefore, if you intend to keep your synthetic grass for years to come, you will be looking at a more cost-effective option.

Low Maintenance

Speaking of reducing maintenance fees, with synthetic turf, you will barely have to do any maintenance work let alone concern yourself with the high expense that comes with it. Once the grass has been installed, there will be no need to hire landscaping crews or gardeners to ensure the grass is tidy.

Saves Water

You don’t need to be told twice about the difficulties Australia has with water. Synthetic turf requires no water to look vibrant and fresh. In states where water restrictions are in place, this is a great option.


Synthetic grass remains green, clean and vibrant all year round without the need of water, herbicides or fertilisers. All you have to do is provide occasional cleaning to remove any scraps or external debris and you will have a clean and fresh lawn year-round, with plenty of years of enjoyment ahead of you.


Synthetic grass is incredibly durable, and doesn’t require much upkeep to remain in stylish condition. Without proper upkeep, natural grass becomes worn and unkept, and can make a business look shabby. Synthetic turf alleviates this problem altogether, and with 15-20 years of guaranteed quality, artificial turf is perfect for commercial properties.

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