The outstanding benefits of synthetic turf become apparent when you compare it with natural grass. In countries like Australia, where drought conditions are almost routine, Australians are finding that artificial grass allows them to maintain a lush, gorgeous lawn without fear of using too much water or challenging landscaping guidelines.

Here are eight reasons why this type of lawn is perfect for a variety of commercial and recreational spaces such as schools and universities, playgrounds and tennis courts.

1. No Maintenance

For large spaces such as a sports field, where real grass is very expensive and time-consuming to maintain, artificial turf is the perfect option. Minimal maintenance is one of the ultimate benefits of this material. The money that would usually be spent maintaining the lawn can now be spent on other things like new sporting equipment.

2. Say Goodbye to Puddling

Prior to the material being installed, the ground is smoothed out to eliminate grooves and valleys where water could otherwise accumulate. Small irrigation channels are installed to help drain away excess water and prevent it from pooling and puddling.

3. You Can Also Say Goodbye to Grass Stains

Children and adults can enjoy synthetic turf as much as they like without getting unwanted grass or mud stains on their clothing, shoes, or, of course, themselves. Sliding across natural the lawn generally creates unsightly green and brown stains. This simply doesn’t happen with artificial lawns.

4. No Ruts or Bare Spots

In natural grass, high levels of foot traffic can create ruts, bare spots or unwanted pathways in lawns or gardens. Artificial lawns are renowned for resilience, as they resist the constant pressure of being stepped on. The blades of the lawn will bounce back and remain upright for years to come.

5. Shade Is No Problem

Where natural turf struggles in shaded areas, this material doesn’t require direct sunlight. If your garden contains plenty of shade that might otherwise deteriorate a natural lawn, you might want to consider synthetic options to avoid this problem.

6. It’s Safe for Kids & Pets

Parents can relax with the knowledge that the materials used are not subjected to the same nasty chemicals that many gardeners use when maintaining a lawn. Furthermore, many brands contain an anti-bacterial that prevents the spread of bacteria and germs.

7. They Don’t Require Harsh Fertilisers

Because artificial turf doesn’t grow or spread, there is no need to spray it with any nasty fertilisers. Your lawn will remain lush, vibrant, and, importantly, toxin-free. Harsh fertilisers can be harmful to the environment as well as to the health of occupants.

8. They Make for Perfect Recreational Areas

Fake grass is the perfect recreation material. With an artificial lawn, you can create anything from tennis courts to putting greens, lawn bowls and courtyard surfaces. It can easily withstand high volumes of foot traffic and can be shaped to meet any landscaping requirements.

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