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Turf Maintenance

Artificial grass and synthetic surfaces, need regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure they retain a high standard for sporting activities as well as keeping it aesthetically pleasing. Regular cleaning and artificial turf maintenance will guarantee the lifespan of your Synthetic Grass is increased: the pile of the grass remains upright & the pile remains debris free.

Self-Cleaning /Maintenance

How often you need to perform artificial grass maintenance tasks will depend on your environment and circumstances. If you have outdoor pets, children, or lots of natural trees and shrubs, you will likely need to clean your synthetic lawn more often for a longer life and better aesthetics of your lawn.

Because of the various factors that make your situation unique, consider the following maintenance schedule more like a suggestion and amend it to best suit your needs.

We recommend that you lightly rinse down your synthetic lawns once a month.

If your lawn is surrounded with lots of natural plants, a leaf blower is recommended to keep the lawn tidy and free of other debris. When blowing the grass, you should go against its grain, this helps to keep the turf blades upright and maintain the natural feel of the lawn. An alternate to leaf blower is using a plastic rake with stiff bristles to brush the lawn every three months or so.

Regular grooming prevents matting and also keeps your lawn’s infill from compacting.

Synthetic grass is a pet friendly option so if your pet has spoiled an area simply use your regular cleaning method. Use of chlorine or other products will not affect the quality or colour of synthetic grass installed by us.

Once you have thoroughly cleaned your grass, you may find that it is not standing as upright as you would like. You may also notice that your grass has flattened in certain areas after being sat or laid upon.

This is easy to remedy by simply using a broom or brush to sweep against the natural grain direction, encouraging the blades of the artificial grass to stand upright again. This process also prevents the blades from matting and prevents any soil layer underneath from compacting. Additional sand infill also helps to ensure the pile remains upright. The pile should be at least 50% full of infill- be it sand, rubber, cork or any other type of infill.

Professional Maintenance For Larger Commercial & Educational Areas

We offer a Premium Deep clean service to help in revitalising areas that are often larger and subject to heavier use and high foot traffic.

We have invested heavily in specialised equipment to deliver these requirements quickly and efficiently to ensure your field is performing to its potential for the long haul. Professional maintenance has proved critical to the life span of these surfaces.

Our Premium Deep Clean Service involves a machine brush up of synthetic grass to revitalise your synthetic grass areas to help stand up the pile of the grass and ensure any infill is level along with a deep clean of the pile and infill, removing dirt, dust and debris and loosening and softening the playing surface.

If required, we can also re-top the area with sand whilst brushing up the Synthetic Grass. We recommend that the deep clean is performed between 2-4 times per year to maintain optimum performance.

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