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What is the best type of synthetic turf for schools?


Why synthetic turf is an attractive and durable choice for schools

Synthetic turf offers a safe, soft and durable surface for school playgrounds and common outdoor areas, sports pitches and playing fields. Preferred Turf’s artificial grass range contains products that are easy to maintain making them the perfect choice for your school.

Providing functional and high-quality sports and recreation facilities for your school is key to ensuring students can stay healthy with physical activity. Synthetic turf is hard-wearing and provides schools with the chance to offer a greater range of sports and activities without having to be concerned with extensive greenskeeping. 

In this article, we explore the different types of synthetic turf so you can make an informed decision on what would be best for your school.

Synthetic turf for school playground areas

Best overall

Overall, our most popular product is the 35mm synthetic turf: this product provides an excellent finished look that works well in most areas and is still reasonably cost-effective.

This popular turf will transform your school’s garden areas and playgrounds offering safety, durability and minimum maintenance.

Best premium option

Our 40mm Premium Synthetic Turf is a dense, luxury product that gives the impression of a real lawn. With 4 realistic colour tones and an extremely soft, natural fibre, this is perfect for any facility requiring a premium product. 

Most cost-effective option

The 25mm Deluxe turf is just 10mm shorter than our best-selling 35mm option and offers an excellent budget-friendly alternative. It has similar features to its slightly longer counterpart but is a little less soft. It is manufactured with 4 shades of mossy green fibres to enhance its natural look and includes supported “C” strands for resilience in tough conditions. 

A budget-friendly 20mm synthetic turf is also available, however this is not as commonly used as it has shorter, stiffer fibres.

Heat-reducing artificial turf

For clients that are concerned about whether the synthetic turf will heat up on hot days, we suggest our Platinum Cool Turf: a synthetic turf that is designed for landscaping and playground applications with fibres that are manufactured to reduce the heat intake by up to 15%. This specialised product is manufactured with minimum glare strands to reflect infrared light, resulting in a surface that is up to 15% cooler than standard synthetic turf

40mm platinum cool synthetic turf is available in a deep dark green colour that will complement your existing landscaped areas. 

For sports applications

When it comes to sports grass, artificial turf makes it easy to maintain your field’s top-quality condition. Even better, artificial grass is porous and when installed as part of an approved synthetic system, ensures the safety of players, and the longevity of the facility.

Best for multi sports courts

For multi-use sports courts that will be used for handball, basketball, volleyball, netball, tennis and other similar sports, we recommend our 18mm multisports synthetic sports turf. This flexible solution is available in a wide range of different colours and can include cut-in lines if required. 

Best for basketball and handball

For sports where ball bounce is critical such as basketball and handball, the 18mm sports turf is still our recommended option, however we provide for the additional bounce requirements with an increased level of sand infill. 

Best for soccer and futsal 

For soccer or futsal, our sports-grade 40mm All-Sports synthetic turf provides a longer pile for high performance playing and works for both outdoor and indoor surfaces. This option also allows for cut-in lines and markings for the perfect soccer pitch.

Best synthetic turf for cricket pitches

Finally, for cricket, our 9mm Cricket turf is specially designed to cater for accurate and predictable ball performance with a durable and high-density synthetic grass. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor pitches.

For general and landscaping areas

For shady areas where grass struggles to grow or high traffic walkways that get muddy, synthetic turf can be installed to minimise maintenance and improve the landscaped areas of your school. 

The most popular option for landscaped or general areas is our 35mm Premium turf which is soft and provides an authentic look. It works well in most areas, especially where a neat and clean landscaped look is desired. 

For a more cost-effective option, the 25mm Deluxe turf is ideal or even shorter at 20mm can also work, however, the shorter you go with synthetic turf, the less soft and realistic it becomes.

Why choose Preferred Turf for your school?

Zoning your outdoor areas by creating interactive learning environments and stimulating play areas can be achieved with the aid of synthetic turf. Preferred Turf offers a wide range of synthetic turf options that are highly UV stabilised and manufactured to withstand the Australian climate and harsh treatment from commercial use.

Our synthetic turf is also hypoallergenic, providing a safe and low allergy playground environment. The porous drainage layer that we install also creates a non-slip surface, making it the ideal option to transform your school’s outdoor environment.

Get a quote on synthetic turf for your school

Preferred Turf is a family-run business based in Sydney and we have been revitalising schools for over 17 years with our high-grade synthetic grass and rubber softfall surfaces. If you would like to find out more about synthetic turf options for your school, get in touch with our team or request a quote.

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